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Carpet of Life is a fair design brand, a social business that aims to increase the income level of the crafts women in the region of M’hamid el Ghizlane, in the Southwest of Morocco. The brand provides women from different villages access to new markets and improves their self-confidence, craft skills and ability to respond to market demand.

Carpet of Life has upcycled more than 6500 kg textiles, creating a world with less waste. In collaboration with a.o. Daily Paper, IOK, Fred & Ginger, EXKI, Pols Potten, Clan de Banlieue, Stad Oostende & Ronald Van der Kemp.


In 2019 I joined Carpet of Life as the Dutch representative. June 2020 I became the general coördinator for Stichting Carpet of Life Netherlands. 

Want a handmade carpet with your own story? Reach out to me at

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