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Previous projects

A Maximalist is known to do a lot. Here an overview.

These are the works of a fashion designer with a focus on textile and print design, with a strong interest in social design.

 These works do not come from perfectionism, moreover, they come from the opposite. As a maker I use what is given. Might it be a mistake or not, nothing is wasted and all is fuel for new experiment.

Preferably working mixing analog and digital techniques, the works are never to be predicted. What fun is it, to create something that you already know what it will look like!


Carpet of Life

General coördination, design, sales, marketing & communication

Carpet of Life is a fair design brand, a social business that aims to increase the income level of the crafts women in the region of M’hamid el Ghizlane, in the Southwest of Morocco. The brand provides women from different villages access to new markets and improves their self-confidence, craft skills and ability to respond to market demand.

Carpet of Life has upcycled more than 6500 kg textiles, creating a world with less waste. In collaboration with a.o. Daily Paper, IOK, Fred & Ginger, EXKI, Pols Potten, Clan de Banlieue, Stad Oostende & Ronald Van der Kemp.


Disrupt Disturbance

Design, development, execution & styling

The collection Disrupt Disturbance is based on finding the perfect in the imperfect, or creating the imperfect out of the perfect and then again making it perfect. A study about imperfection that resulted in a collection where all elements that were discovered along the way found its way into the final product. All prints in the collection are own designs, translated in different techniques ranging from industrial weaving, industrial knitting, hand knitting, mono-color screen printing, full-color screen printing & digital print.



Design, development, execution & styling

Blue Mischief is not your usual denim collection. The collection is made in collaboration with Christina Albrecht and Advance Denim, presented at the  Global Denim Awards 2016.

CRISALIS @ Makers Unite

Creative facilitator for workshops & production

CRISALIS: CReative Initiatives in Social enterprises for Assistance, Labour Integration and Self-development is a scheme aimed at the social integration and economic empowerment of 12 women victims of human trafficking. The 18-month scheme combining concrete employment opportunities compounded by creative expression workshops and co-creation opportunities is led by and piloted in two young social enterprises, Quid (Italy) and Makers Unite (NL), with the know-how of The Language Project, a Greek organisation working on language as integration tool.

Makers Unite is a platform for social inclusion providing equal opportunities to newcomers & locals by making products with a story that matters.



Costume design

Xposed is an international exchange platform reaching out to young makers, performers, dancers and artists from various localities through a community approach. 


Other & older

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