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A Maximalist is known to do a lot. Here an overview.

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The only thing that multiplies when shared is... Knowlegde! (okay maybe not the only thing but i'm trying to leave covid out of it)

Therefore I love giving workshops, for different audiences. Some examples of workshops and lectures I've given in the past: basic sewing, design coaching for starting brands, sustainable fashion for dummies, upcycling & circular design. Want to know more? You know where to click!


If you've read all the texts you might have noticed that I have a thing for sustainability. I implement it in my designs but you can ask me specifically for fashion fixes, creating sustainable designs (for example using upcycling), workshops on sustainability in fashion and for creative concept creation concerning (fashionable things). 

Plan de travail 1.png

As a fashion designer specialised in print and textile design, I can serve al your design wishes and custom dreams. Next to that Im very passioned about theatre and therefore love to do costume design. Also don't hesitate to ask any help on your pattern drawing or technical drawings. On top of that i'd happily do you Fashion fixes & repairs. Just reach out and tell me your wishes!


Catering and foodstyling. 

What better way to express maximalism then though food!

The Maximalist kitchen creates stylish grazing tables for any event. Catered with sweet and savory snacks. 

Do you want a cornucopia at your event? 

Please hit contact for more information

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