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Marina van Dieren, The Maximalist

Born april 21st 1994, Harlingen, NL

BA Fashion Design 2016, ArtEZ Institute for the arts, Arnhem, NL

Minimalism has been an upcoming trend within the sustainable lifestyle meaning that a minimalist has very little possessions and is attached to little material things. There is a certain aesthetic being matched to this lifestyle.


Sharing the vision but not the aesthetic, I have chosen to be a Maximalist. One that ain’t too much.

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A Maximalist is always enough but never too much.

A Maximalist believes that more is more.

A Maximalist believes in a maximal aesthetic and a minimal negative impact.

A Maximalist is not the same as a materialist.

A Maximalist sees the value in all things and beings (including themselves).

A Maximalist is an imperfectionist, because you simple can't do everything perfectly.
A Maximalist does not exist by itself, but becomes more by amplifying others.

A Maximalist gets out the most in others because of their search for more.

A Maximalist does not limit themselves to any boundaries or social constructs.

A Maximalist is inclusive, because more is more.

A Maximalist plays dress-up with the world, because who wrote the rules that say differently?

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Project overview


2023 Workshops visual arts for Stichting Buitenkunst

2022 - 2023 DIY Festivalwear for groups, bachelor parties and on festival locations

2022 - 2023 DIY Theatre costumes for kids

2021 - 2023 Croquis: Live naked model drawing at Broedplaats SUP, Maakgemeenschap de Hoop, Vrankrijk and OCCII

2019 - 2023 Sewing: workshops at highschools, CRISALIS program, Makers Unite, and private lessons

2019 - 2022 Boucheriouite weaving in collaboration with Carpet of Life, at Studio Claudy Jongstra and Taragalte Festival a.o.

2018 - 2023 Sustainable Fashion for Dummies, interactive lecture for age 12 - 99

2020 DIY Facemasks, during the covid-19 pandemic



2023 Creating new work autonomous around the theme “what makes a home?” (tufting, screenprinting)

2022 Stichting Olympus, AEOLUS costume design

2022 Custom print & pattern design for a.o. private clients, OUTRGS, Weven

2021 - 2022 Costume & set design, Mette Sterre x Theater Utrecht:innovation Lab

2019 Xposed Xchange, Costume design

2017 - 2018 Design Assistant, Tobias Birk Nielsen, Copenhagen

2017 Print Designer, Asger Juel Larsen, Copenhagen

2017 Blue Mischief, Global Denim Awards

2016 Disrupt Disturbance, Graduation Collection

2015 - 2015 Studio intern, Nasir Mazhar, London

2012 - 2016 BA Fashion Design, Artez Institute For The Arts, Arnhem


2018 - 2023 Volunteer Coördinator, RijksakademieOPEN, Amsterdam

2019 - 2022 Managing director, Carpet of Life, Amsterdam & M’hamid el Ghizlane

2019 - 2020 Creative facilitator CRISALIS program, Makers Unite, Amsterdam

2016 - 2020 Volunteer Coördinator, Over het IJ festival, Amsterdam

2012 - 2016 Volunteer Coördinator, 5D Festival, Amsterdam


Catering & service

2016 - 2023 Catering & foodstyling for a.o. Sacred Mother, Konijn, KIEZ Burn, Maakgemeenschap de Hoop (La Cantina),

2019 - 2023 Bartender, Over het IJ,

2022 Bartender, Specialty beer Bar, Oerol,

2022 Bartender, LAB111

2022 Bartender & driver, Oedipus brewery

2019 Catering, Xposed Xchange

Building & construction

2023 Maakgemeenschap de Hoop: Fireproofing the construction of the building

2022 Maxi the maximalist mobile: van conversion

2018 - 2021 TS25: Restauration of a 100 year old wooden danish kotter

2012 - 2016 Over het IJ: Festival decoration and inclusivity

2012 - 2014 5D Festival: Festival decoration and inclusivity


2023 Masterclass poetry writing, Ingmar Heytze

2022 Masterclass Autobiographic writing, Tjitske Janssen

2021 Hema Foundation Social Design Accelerator

2019 Xposed Xchange, writing and performing

2018 Course Fashion Journalism, Fontys x ELLE, Amsterdam

2016 Masterclass Personal Branding, Art Business Centre, Arnhem

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