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Marina van Dieren, The Maximalist

Born april 21st 1994, Harlingen, NL

BA Fashion Design 2016, ArtEZ Institute for the arts, Arnhem, NL

Minimalism has been an upcoming trend within the sustainable lifestyle meaning that a minimalist has very little possessions and is attached to little material things. There is a certain aesthetic being matched to this lifestyle.


Sharing the vision but not the aesthetic, I have chosen to be a Maximalist. One that ain’t too much.

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A Maximalist is always enough but never too much.

A Maximalist believes that more is more.

A Maximalist believes in a maximal aesthetic and a minimal negative impact.

A Maximalist is not the same as a materialist.

A Maximalist sees the value in all things and beings (including themselves).

A Maximalist is an imperfectionist, because you simple can't do everything perfectly.
A Maximalist does not exist by itself, but becomes more by amplifying others.

A Maximalist gets out the most in others because of their search for more.

A Maximalist does not limit themselves to any boundaries or social constructs.

A Maximalist is inclusive, because more is more.

A Maximalist plays dress-up with the world, because who wrote the rules that say differently?

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Current projects

Project manager, Carpet of Life, Amsterdam.

Carpet of Life is a fair design brand, a social business that aims to increase the income level of the crafts women in the region of M’hamid el Ghizlane, in the Southwest of Morocco.


Freelance creative, Amsterdam

Different work within fashion/costume design, sustainability, PR and styling.
Hosting workshops: “Duurzame mode voor Dummies”
Clients (a.o): W.Green, Makers Unite, Xposed Platform, Studio Hester Ezra, Theater gezelschap Bonte hond, Verse Good Store, Studio Judith Zwart, Crisalis, Scholengemeenschap Helen Parkhurst, RSG Simon Vestdijk, TINTO* Food, The Collection One, The Green Labels, OUTRGS Mens Fashion, Fous a Fous, Chicken or Pasta?, Kindred Spirits

Apprentice boatbuilder, Derk van Dieren scheepsbouw, Harlingen

One might not see it at first sight, but woodworking ain't that different from fashion design. You see, it's both from 2D to 3D, the materials have a big influence on the design and as we say in Dutch "meten is weten"! Currently working in the restoration of the TS25, a Danish Haikotter with of 98 years of age. Under the guidance of Derk van Dieren.

2019 and before

Creative Facilitator CRISALIS, Makers Unite, Amsterdam, NL

Volunteer Coördination various events (over het IJ festival, 5D festival, Rijksakademie OPEN), Amsterdam, NL

Volunteer guest lecturer Young & Fair, Amsterdam, NL
Creative intern, W.Green, Amsterdam, NL
Fashion and Design Researcher & Sales trainee, VOCAST ApS, Copenhagen, DK
Design Assistant, Tobias Birk Nielsen, Copenhagen, DK
Print Designer, Asger Juel Larsen, Copenhagen, DK
Studio intern, Nasir Mazhar, London, UK

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